Welcome to the TNQ Online Store Blog! My name is Kristin and I've been a member of Team Never Quit since formed back in 2012. Back then we had an online store and a lot of ideas!

Why create an online store? As the buzz of the filming of Lone Survivor started to stir up we were getting more and more requests for signed books. We thought - why can't everyone have the opportunity to get a signed book without having to know someone who knows someone to get it? But we didn't want to just sell books, TNQ wasn't trying to be a book store. Marcus and Melanie Luttrell had ideas that would get us excited and the thought of having a shirt that simply said NEVER QUIT was the first idea to make it to print.

Why Never Quit? For as long as Marcus has been signing books for his supporters he's been signing his name under the same phrase, Never Quit. He writes that for a simple reason. The "Never Quit" attitude is why he's standing today and able to write a note in his book written about the worst week of his life. Now, if you've been to the Patriot Tour or attended a speech of his, you've heard him talk about laying down to die. In the mind of a trained warrior, that's quitting. But to muster the will to dig to a depth in your mind that pushes your body beyond known capacity...that's Never Quit.

Navy SEALs are held to a standard that most can't achieve. The high expectations are laid out in detail in the Navy SEAL Creed (Ethos). Naturally, we chose to highlight the paragraph referring to the Never Quit mentality on the back of our original shirt.

For the first time in over a year we are bringing back the original logo apparel! Everything we have left is available HERE, get it now while you still can! We will be reprinting some old favorites and bringing in new ones over the next few months. If you would like to let us know a product you hope you comes back or a new one you'd like to see contact Team Never Quit shop@teamneverquit.com to submit your requests!

We can't thank you all enough for joining us on this wild ride of adventures these last 4 years. Whether you've been with us from the beginning or you're just now joining us...we would like you to get to know us through our blog, where you can read about what's happening with our team throughout the year and relive the good times from the past along with us. I'll be introducing you to members of the team throughout the year and keeping you up to date on all things happening in the online store and TNQ!

Please find us on social media and follow our pages to keep up with us, links are below. Learn about things happening with our Patriot Tour speaking team and events supporting our Military and Veteran communities and foundations throughout the country. Be sure to follow our pages and if you post photos of yourself and others in your TNQ gear be sure to tag us! We just may add you to our store photos!

Thanks to Hunter, Jessica and Susanna for submitting these photos...

Thank you all for being a part of Team Never Quit!   

- Kristin, TNQ

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