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    Traser Watches

    Team Never Quit is excited to showcase this great company and line of watches! Traser Watches is offering a 10% discount exclusively to our TNQ Online Store customers! 
    To take advantage of the savings go to the Traser Watches website and you can enter the discount code TNQTRASER at checkout to receive a 10% discount! If you'd like more information or to purchase a TRASER WATCH click here .
    CLICK HERE to learn more about the partnership between
    Marcus Luttrell & Traser Watches
    •       Traser is a rugged watch –it’s perfect for tactical and outdoor use. 
    •       All Trasers are Swiss Made and fully assembled & tested for water resistance and shock resistance in their own factory in Switzerland. Every Traser goes through a demanding procedure and is fully tested according to military specifications.
    •       Traser and MB Microtec (the parent company of Traser) pioneered, invented & developed the Trigalight technology. Trigalight are glass tubes that illuminate the time on a Traser and stay lit for up to 20 years. They do not need an external power source and is perfect for reading the time in low light or in complete darkness. Trasers mission is to develop, test, and build a reliable watch that can be used regardless of environmental conditions.
    •       Nothing has to be turned.--- just glance at your wrist!
    •       Traser is the only worldwide manufacturer of this technology.. They are the original and have produced these tubes and watches over decades of research and development.
    •       Traser watches are sold to tactical, military, and outdoor people throughout the world.