UNWAVERED: The Self-Belief of a Navy SEAL and TOPGUN Pilot
UNWAVERED: The Self-Belief of a Navy SEAL and TOPGUN Pilot

UNWAVERED: The Self-Belief of a Navy SEAL and TOPGUN Pilot

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When you face suffocating pressure in a singular moment, do your hands sweat? Does the fear of potential failure make you shake? Do your thoughts wander, or worse, betray you? Do Navy SEALs or naval aviators suffer the same performance-crippling, physiological symptoms when their lives are on the line?

No. No, they don’t.

UNWAVERED, you will learn how the mind of an elite operator performs when faced with the most intense, life-threatening moments imaginable. Mental toughness is not a talent reserved for the fortunate few. Anyone can train their brain to remain calm under pressure. And with real, actionable steps from a 34-year U.S. Navy SEAL and a 20-year TOPGUN Adversary fighter pilot, you will discover:
  • The specific thoughts in your mind, and people in your life, that block your ability to win.
  • How the Navy’s elite operators prepare their minds for combat.
  • Why America’s warriors are the best in the world.
  • Why the mythical athletic zone is real . . . and how you can turn it on anytime you want.
  • The three areas of professional skills that everyone needs to improve.
  • How to practice anything and how to do it with a purpose.
Randy Beausoleil is a combat-proven Naval Officer and veteran of the world’s most elite fighting force, and after 34 years as a Navy SEAL, he has turned his passion for saving those who are oppressed by our nation’s worst enemies toward teaching mental toughness. Randy has counseled everyone from SEAL platoon commanders to the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and has earned dozens of personal awards that include two Bronze Star medals with the Combat “V”. He has fought in all of our nation’s major conflicts since 1984 and has honed his skills as a teacher, leader, tactical advisor, and executive in the toughest unit on planet Earth.

Brian “Lucky” Riley is a decorated Naval Aviator who has deployed and flown multiple combat missions to support the Global War on Terror over three different campaigns. He is a U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN) Adversary graduate and was one of the few who scrambled airborne on 9/11 to patrol the skies against an unknown threat. With qualifications in the F-14 Tomcat, F-18 Hornet and F-18 Super Hornet, plus the F-16 Fighting Falcon, he accumulated over 600 carrier landings, flew over 250 combat hours, and was the recipient of the Navy’s Top Hook award for outstanding carrier landing performance.

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